Technological equipment


Analytical / Technological Equipment

  • Analytical HPLC and UHPLC (e.g. normal phase, RP-, ion pair chromatography), Ph.Eur.
  •    – isocratic, binary and trivalent high pressure gradient systems
    – column switching
    – Cooling compartment
    – DAD, UV/Vis-, RI and Fluorescence-detection

  • Preparative HPLC

Purifiaction / Isolation of impurities, degradation products and specified compounds for the purpose of identification and use as primary standard

  • GC / MS equipped with headspace, Ph.Eur.

N2 und He as carrier gas
FID, MS-detection

  • TLC, Ph.Eur.
  • Computer-controlled titration (Titrino, e.g. Karl Fischer), Ph.Eur.
  • UV/Vis-spektroscopy, Ph.Eur.
  • FTIR, Ph.Eur.
  • Gel chromatography
  • Potentiometry, Ph.Eur.
  • DSC/TG, Ph.Eur.
  • Dissolution tester (e.g. paddle, basket, use of sinker), Ph.Eur.
  • Dissolution testing by Franz-Celle
  • Pharmaceutic-physical investigations (e.g. resistance to crushing,
    friabiltiy, disintegration, weight variation), Ph.Eur.
  • Loss on drying, Ph.Eur.
  • Determination of sub-visible particles by

Light obscureness, Ph.Eur. – Method 1

Microscop, Ph.Eur. – Method 2

  • Monitoring by light scattering of nanoparticles and emulsions for parenteral application (PCS)
  • Sieve analysis, Ph.Eur.
  • Tapped density, Ph.Eur.
  • Osmolarity, Ph.Eur.
  • Viscosity, Ph.Eur.
  • Melting point (Ph.Eur.), Optical rotation (Ph.Eur.), Volumetric weight (Ph.Eur.), Refractometry (Ph.Eur.), Density (Ph.Eur.)

Biochemical methods, e.g. Electrophoresis technology, Western Blot, SEC