Manufacturing Technology, solids

Manufacturing technology

Solid formulations:

Options for manufacturing:

  • Mixing by use of a Turbula, High Sheer Mixer (Glatt) or Planet Mixer
  • Blending of powder, granules or pellets
  • Manufacturing of mixtures for direct compression
  • Manufacturing of placebo mixtures
  • Agglomeration/Granulation – Wet granulation –
    – single pot: high sheer mixing by cooling or heating conditions (Glatt)
    – Fluid bed system: wurster coating (bottom spray), top spray (Glatt)
  • Drying for granulation, layering and coating applications
  • Pelletizing and development (Multiple Unit Pellet Systems, MUPS
  • Compression (various punches are available)
  • Filmcoating (tablet coating, sugar coating)
  • Scale up and adjustment to GMP-condition