Pharmazeutische und chemische Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH Formula-Pharma
Manufacturing technology
Solid formulations (development and GMP-manufacturing):
clinical supplies and medicinal products for the market
  • Mixing
  • Powder, granules, pellets Mixture for direct compression
  • Placebo mixtures
  • Agglomeration/Granulation
  •    - Wet granulation
       - single pot: high sheer, cooling container
       - Fluid bed system: wurster coating, top spray, optional with tangential technology
         suitable for drying, granulation, layering and coating applications
  • Pelletizing and development of Multiple Unit Pellet Systems (MUPS).
  • Compression
  • Filmcoating (tablet coating, optional with isolator for coating potent products)
  • Sugar-coating
  • Scale up and adjustment to GMP-conditions